Third time’s a charm. For my third baby, I decided to give cloth diapering a whirl. I had considered it with my older sons but I had never made that leap. Upon the birth of my third son, I waltzed up to the edge of the diaper pail and dove right in.

I researched diapers from on-line stores and I thougtht that they were really expensive. I didn’t think that I would be able to talk my husband into the cost (even after showing him the cloth vs disposable cost break down). So, I decided to try some used diapers to ensure that they were going to be a good and inexpensive “fit” for our family.

My first step was to look for gently used diapers to try from my local kijiji. I found more diapers than I thought that I would need, in various sizes and styles, for $75.00. They were in good condition, clean, and seemed easy to use.

In the first few weeks I couldn’t seem to work up the courage to try them. I quickly scrambled up and out of the diaper pail, so to speak. I tettered there for awhile……

It was about two months before I decided to plug my nose and leap back in! I discovered that I loved using cloth. They distinquished me from other moms. I loved mentioning that I was using cloth and hearing other people say how brave I was being. They were so easy to use and cute too! Plus, we didn’t have to do those last minute diaper runs to the store. They were surprising easy to care for.  I just popped the poopy disposable liner into the toilet, stored the diaper in a wet bag, and washed on the hot cycle. I became convinced that any disposable diapers that touched my babe’s bottom left a chemical scald because of the dangerous chemicals inside.  I felt so good about what I was doing for the planet, even though I was left wondering about my hot water consumption and days that I used the dryer (I tried to dry them on the line as often as possible).

I must say that my husband was supportive of my cloth diapering decision. Mainly because it was easy on the pocket book. He even began using the cloth diapers when I went back to work part-time.  He fiddled with what inserts were best in the pocket diapers, soaked diapers when they were poopy, and even used them when he left the house. I was so proud!

It was then that I began to look at cloth diapering sites on the Internet. Here is where my troubles began……

There were so many cute patterns and different styles.  There were so many women with astounding diaper stashes!

So many diapers, so many shipping costs…………………….

I began to order more diapers here and there. At first, I tried to stick to brands that were on sale. But then there were others that I just had to have!

Currently, I love to line up my new diapers and admire them all. I leave my son pantless so that his cute diapers can be seen and admired (even though his poor little knees are red).

I have more than enough diapers. In fact, I barely even use the original gently used diapers that I purchashed in the beginning. And even though I don’t NEED any more diapers, I am still checking out websites for sales, cute patterns, and new styles. My husband asked me the other day, “You are done buying diapers, right?”

I have decided that I am actually addicted to cloth diapers. I spend time everyday on my favourite cloth diapering websites. I make my selections,  fill my cart, and then sit there and toy with whether or not to hit the purchase button or not.

“Mommy is busy. She’s shopping for cloth diapers.” I’m like the person in the casino at the slot machine who wears a diaper so that nothing will interrupt their fix. Hey, I bet that they would make a really cute cloth diaper pattern for that…….maybe some money signs, or lucky trolls?

If I do decide to purchase some cloth diapers,  I wait anxiously for their arrival. I practically attack the Canada Post man. I rip the package open and examine the diapers. I sniff them. I rub them against my cheek. Ahhhh……so soft. Like wrapping my baby’s bottom in a fluffy cloud. I make everyone feel how soft they are. Of course, noone seems as excited by them as I am. I add them to my cloth diaper basket and step back to admire my collection.

So, my stash is growing. But they do have great re-sale value! Can you tell that I have used that line before? I’m lucky to have a husband who cares about the environment almost as much as I do. He also cares about cute and fluffy bums too (my son’s…not mine).

Fuzzi Bunz One Size Pocket Diaper

This was the first new diaper that I purchased. And so it began…….