I am a mother, sister, daughter, teacher, and friend (Oops, my husband just pointed out that I forgot a category…..wife). I have wanted to be a writer ever since I was a little girl. Now I am passionate about parenting. This passion has opened the door for me to write about things that I find inspiring and compelling……my three boys.

My husband and I had our first son in December of 2003. We quickly found ourselves to be “attachment parents”. Although, at that time we didn’t have a label for it. We breastfed, co-slept, baby wore, made organic-homemade baby food, and disciplined gently. We learned to ignore family member’s who questioned us and do what worked for us and our new son. So, what if they complained that we never let them hold “the baby”. He was ours.

With the birth of our second son, in June of 2006, we continued to attachment parent in ways that we were comfortable with. We heard less “feed-back” from well-meaning (?) family as they saw how well-adjusted our boys were. We had a third son in September of 2009 and this time we added cloth diapering to our attachment parenting roster. Should have tackled that one earlier……………..

We are so in love with our amazing children. We continue to make parenting decisions as a team and to make choices that we are both comfortable with. I thank God everyday for my supportive husband and beautiful children.

My parenting philosophies run toward the crunchy, but I’m also very practical. I believe in drug-free birth, breastfeeding,  babywearing, cloth diapering, homemade-organic baby food, gentle discipline (although my friend Rebecca might wonder about that one because she has heard my “scary” voice),  attachment parenting, and all the usual suspects. It’s working great for us so far.

This blog is about finding my way as an attachment parent in a world where not everyone parents that same way that we do. I will be writing about the sublime to the mundane in the world of natural- parenting three young boys.

I hope that you enjoy my musings……

Thanks for reading!